Welcome to Cyclops Helmets.

We customize all manners of things for people. From custom airbrush painted helmets, bikes, skateboards, surfboards, guitars and pianos, race cars, horseboxes, jewelry boxes, t-shirts, snowboards, to scooters and Harley Davidson’s.

Anything that is special to you, can be personalized, with portraits of your sporting or musical idol, famous faces, Sponge Bob to Captain Jack Sparrow, your sporting partner – be that a dog , a horse, a champion bull, or award winning rabbit, or maybe your football team or family crest?

We have painted larger items such as cars and scooters with full themes, consisting of different scenes from films, or eras, several for the show circuit, and many that have appeared in magazines.

Cyclops can be commissioned for portraits, of both animals and people on canvas, as well as on helmets, custom motorcycles and other items. In the past, we have also been commissioned for memorial tribute portraits, for those suffering bereavement; these pieces are produced to a high standard, with fantastic likeness to the subject, and a lovely unique softness, in comparison with a framed photograph.

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For the most wonderful, and personal, unique gift, to yourself or someone special, send your old or new item to be painted. We accept items by post, and will carefully return your masterpiece to you on completion, after discussing your ideas and images by phone and email, alternatively you can call to the studio in person, drop off your item, and chat about ideas and images directly with Dave, the artist.

As some people will know, this standard of artwork is often expensive , but we always keep prices realistic for our clients, all that stands between you and your idea coming to life, is a free no obligation quote , by mail or by phone.

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